Noyac Path

Long Island, New York


Design Architect


Renovation, New Construction


Residential, Private


Proposal 2015


10,000 sq. ft.

About the Project

A nod to both the classic Long Island beach house and contemporary minimalist architecture, the design for the Noyac Path house bisects an existing farm house down its center, and marries the two themes seamlessly to reflect the converging tastes of the husband-and-wife client. The pre-existing structure, which was largely demolished, is cut down its central axis, and shifted lengthwise to create two distinct structures. At the front of the house, DFA designed architecture which referenced typical beach houses; a pitched roofline, vaulted dormer windows, and cedar shingles. To the rear, the architecture is much more stark, and the space minimalist. The two opposing sections are married in a communal atrium, which houses the ‘heart’ of the home’s living space: the family room and kitchen.