Wynwood Arcade

Miami, Florida


East End Capital


Design Architect


Executive Architect: Carl Levin, RA; Landscape Architect: Naturalficial; Structural: Robert Silman Associates; MEP: Henry Vidal & Associates, Inc; Other Consultants: Ocean Engineering


Adaptive Reuse


Commercial Retail, Public Space


Completed 2016


23,434 sq. ft.

About the Project

DFA was commissioned to readapt three side-by-side warehouses into an unpredictable, dynamic commercial/retail destination that integrates open public space. The result is a dynamic, inspired hub for dining and shopping, as well as gathering and socializing. Studying existing site-circulation, DFA determined that the long blocks of the Wynwood neighborhood could be better connected using diagonal desire lines cutting through the site and introducing four shaded, retail-activated “streets” organized by these existing desire lines. The diags meet in the central trapezoidal open-air atrium, with a grand public stair offering hangout space and an organic way to discover the rooftop restaurant. A large canopied seagrape tree and three smaller trees in the atrium integrate landscape and provide shading. Rather than creating a neutral canvas for street art, DFA invited artist Tristan Eaton to create architecture in dialogue with art. His site-specific piece responds to the diagonal, playful facades.